This Week's DA Project Wallpapers & Partial Album Tracklist


Two more songs mastered for the album and hopefully we'll have a preview in the upcoming weeks. Tracklist so far includes: Constellations (Part 1 & 2), In Disguise, Weathered Wolves, Little White Lie, BSide, Unhappy Woman, These Bones (Have Left You) & You Fear. Still 1-2 more songs to go then the album is done and onto promo etc. Thanks for everyone's support thus far! And for those who asked, no "Favorite Lover" will not be on the album, but we'll have a special Dead Astronauts remix of the track for you in the next month or so!

In the meantime, this week's Dead Astronauts Project wallpapers brought to you by:


2560x1600 Desktop Wallpaper Available Here

Crazy Enough

2560x1600 Desktop wallpaper Available Here

Big thanks to all artists involved. Make sure to come back next week for the next 2 wallpapers!!